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Welcome To Our Lakefront Wilderness Lodge

As winter gives way to spring and the Chilcotin Mountains shed their snow, alpine lakes melt, and our Wilderness Mountain Lodge becomes accessible to travellers again. With glacier covered peaks reflecting on Chaunigan’s alpine lake, the magnificent landscape inspires quiet contemplation and a place to slow life down.

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Wilderness Lakefront Resort

Lake Lodge

Chaunigan Lake Lodge is located within the Xeni Gwet'in traditional territory and title land. In 1940’s, Our remote fishing Lodge was built on the shores of a timeless glacial lake by adventure fishermen drawn to the world class rainbow trout fishing lake here in British Columbia. Today, our wilderness lodge and log cabin rentals offer an unparalleled family retreat in the southern Cariboo-Chilcotin wilderness here in BC. Guests paddle canoes, boat, fish, hike, spot wildflowers and wildlife, including wild horses. Come to Chaunigan Lake Lodge and rediscover the primal glory of the wild.


Our remote wilderness lodge at Chaunigan lake is accessible by plane or car. Take a scenic flight over the coastal mountains or embark on an adventurous road-trip through BC’s Interior. In the old days our guests arrived by their own aircraft or by rugged four-wheel-drive vehicles. Today the road systems are vastly improved, and guests can access the lodge with 2-wheel drive vehicles.

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Increased Sustainability

Over the last 60 years, our technological advances have increased comfort, minimized work, and reduced our carbon footprint. Propane lamps have been replaced with LED lights and solar panels capture the sun's energy for power. The radiophone and mail systems have been replaced with Satellite internet and email. There is no cell phone access at Chaunigan Lake which is a blessing. When you join us for a vacation, you are on a vacation.  

Water Systems

The Chaunigan watershed is a pristine system and this is what we use for our water supply. It’s cold, clean, and soft water. You will love the taste and feel the softness of your hair after you experience the Chaunigan water or take a soak in our lakeside hot tub.

Chaunigan Lake BC
Solar Panels

Electrical Systems 24/7

In 1990 we started the journey of using battery systems to supply electricity to our cabins and lodge, in 2018 we completely upgraded our electrical system because green energy makes sense for our family, business, and the planet. We now run the lodge and cabins 24/7 off solar panels, 12-volt battery storage. We have a backup diesel generator for the days when the sun doesn’t shine. For some people who are reading this, your eyes are probably starting to glaze, but what this means to you, is you will have electricity 24/7.

Wild Horses

Keep your eyes out for wild horses. When Simon Fraser’s explorers reached Williams Lake, they saw First Nations People on horseback along the riverbank. The wild horses they rode are thought to have been introduced to the region by early Spanish explorers. You may see wild horses on your Chaunigan vacation or while exploring the surrounding Nemaiah Valley and Chilko Lake.

Wild Horses In Nemaiah Valley
Mount Tatlow BC

Photo gallery

Check out some of the most recent images, captured by locals, guests, and our lodge manager, we love to capture our furry & feathery friends in their natural habitat. Got a cool shot from your recent stay? send it to our email and we will happily feature it in our online, Chaunigan Lake Lodge gallery.

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